“Learning Radio Controlled Flying From The Experts”

This time I’m going to relate to you a little more on the benefits of learning RC flying from an experienced flier/teacher.  I know I’ve talked about this subject before, but from my years of personal experience and from observing the failures and frustrations of others new to the hobby, I am just trying to impress upon those of you that are beginners, the advantages of having an experienced flier/trainer help you to get started and through the initial flights to the point of soloing with a minimum of in flight mistakes and the ultimate consequences.

I will again bring up the issue of locating a local flying club in this post.  You can go to the AMA website and search for AMA sanctioned clubs in your area.  They have names and email addresses or phone numbers of the people you can contact to learn about their club.  They will be able to direct you to the correct person or persons that are able and usually very willing to help you get into the RC hobby.

You can also sometimes learn about getting help from the local RC modeling hobby store.  They are a good source of information on the local clubs and they are usually a member of the club.

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