“Experience RC Aerobatics One Step At A Time”

I must apologize for delaying this blog post for so long.  I have been recovering from eye surgery and it has been difficult to work at the computer.

Up till now, I have been discussing various aspects of getting started in flying radio controlled model airplanes.  Now, I want to step up the action a little bit.   Over the next several posts, I will be discussing and describing the basic aerobatic maneuvers and how to do them.

As always, I recommend having an experienced flier standing by as you go through these maneuvers to help in case on an emergency and to provide additional assistance as necessary.  Since I am not a serious competitor, I welcome input from those of you that are.  Please feel free to click on the comments link at the end of the post and add your input.  All comments are moderated by myself in order to keep this site free of spam.

If you are a beginner, I suggest that you have mastered all the basic flight steps including takeoffs,  solo flight, and landings before you attempt these basic aerobatic patterns.  Check with your flight instructor to see if he feels you are ready for aerobatic flying.

    Before getting into the basic patterns, I want to explain what a stall is, why it happens and how to get out of the stall condition.  I know that some of you already know about stalling and what to do about it, but for the sake of the ones that don’t, please bear with me. 

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