Ending The Year In Radio Controlled Hobbies

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2007 and everyone is busy with shopping and the details of the holiday festivities.  As we come to the end of the year the blog posts will be focusing on review and re-posting some of the earlier entries.  This is because I am entering the hospital this week for surgery and it will be several weeks before I will be able to spend time sitting at the computer to write the daily entries.  So please bear with me and I will try to keep up with the schedule of posting entries that I have recently established.

For those of you who have just joined us at “talking RC hobbies”, let me explain what we are doing here.  The main goal of this blog is to promote the advancement of the radio controlled hobbies.  I will be covering all the different areas of interest, including radio controlled motorcycles, off-road and track racers,  sailboats and power boats, helicopters, and model airplanes.  The nature of each of the different radio controlled hobbies is such that it will take several blog entries to cover everything that is needed to get someone started in each particular branch of the hobby.  If you don’t see anything yet on what you are interested in, please stay with me as I will be covering all areas as soon as possible.

Primarily, what I want to do with this blog is to help introduce more young people and families with children to radio controlled hobbies.  Some of the information presented will, I am sure, be “old hat” to some of you that have been in RC modeling for a while, but remember that we all had to start at the beginning.  So, In the interest of promoting the continued growth in our hobby, please hang in there and feel free to offer any comments and assistance as we progress.  At some point I will be reviewing new products and techniques as they develop.  If you know of something that will interest our readers, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it and I can set up having you post an entry as a guest.  Remember, we all need to work together to keep the hobby growing and expanding into new areas.  See you next time.