“Ending The Year Of RC Airplane Flying”

Well friends, here we are nearing the end of another year.  I hope some of you have decided to join in the hobby of radio controlled airplanes and are now enjoying this most interesting and exciting hobby of all.

    I know that this blog is read by people in many different parts of the world and for those countries that celebrate Christmas as we do here in the United States, I hope that you are having a happy and joyous holiday. 

I want to take this blog post to thank all of you for reading my blog and ask you to keep reading and learning from it throughout the new year.  I have some medical problems that have kept me from doing all the things that I wanted to accomplish in our hobby this year and I am hopeful that things will be better next year. 

    As I have pointed out in the past, I will be doing more things with video as soon as I am fully recovered from a recent surgery and I can once again get downstairs to my basement RC airplane workshop.  I still have some kits to build, some broken airplanes to repair and other things to do that are sure to be of interest to you.

    So, please bear with me and keep checking back to this website for more new and exciting information from our world of flying radio controlled model airplanes.

Thanks so much to all of you and remember —  this is the OldManFlier and I’ll see you next time.