“Flying The RC Model Airplane — Immelman Turn”

This post will be the last in our series of aerobatic maneuvers for radio controlled model airplanes for the time being.  But, do not despair, there will be another series next summer in which I hope to include some videos of what we have covered in this series and some more advanced maneuvers.  For now, let’s conclude this series with the Immelman Turn.

Please keep in mind that the whole idea of this website is to promote the fun and excitement of RC flying.  My goal is not to make you ready for competition, but to help you learn some basic maneuvers that will give you more opportunity to further enjoy this hobby.   In the interest of having fun, remember to maintain adequate altitude while learning and practicing each of these maneuvers to help avoid accidents.

It is advisable to begin the Immelman Turn flying into the wind.  The turn starts out like the inside loop.  Flying straight and level pull up elevator the same as beginning the loop and hold up elevator until you reach the top of the loop.   Without completing the loop use some down elevator (plane is inverted at this point) to level out and then use aileron control to roll the plane to its upright attitude and continue on straight and level flight and when ready, try another turn going the other direction.

You can keep practicing the Immelman Turn and each of the other maneuvers that we have discussed here.  And if you wish to pursue competitive RC aerobatics, I would advise you of two steps you should take.  First, find someone who is an accomplished competitive RC aerobatics flier that is willing to help you as you learn the maneuvers in the kind of detail required for competition flying.  And secondly, check out what the current AMA rules are so that you will know that you are moving in the correct direction.  Be aware that the AMA does make changes to these rules and if you are striving to be a competitive aerobatics flier, you need to stay current with any changes that may occur.

Next time we’ll talk about how to get started in radio controlled model airplane flying in order to accommodate anyone that may have missed out on our earlier training blog entries.  This is the OldManFlier and I’ll see you next time.