Radio controlled airplanes in the winter

What can you do with your radio controlled airplane hobby in the winter?  Just because it is cold outside and the ground is covered with snow, doesn’t mean that your hobby has to be on hold till summer.  This is a great time to start building a new kit or maybe rebuilding after a model airplane accident.  Either way there is always something you can do to get ready for the next warm weather flying season.  Another option might be to upgrade your flight box or to acquire a new one.  It seems like there is never enough room to take along everything that may be needed and you won’t want to cut  your flying session short just because you need a tool or repair part to get your model back in the air.

Something else that you can do to keep your flying skills sharp is to invest in a radio controlled aircraft flight simulator.  Most of the current flight simulator packages give you the option to select a wide variety of models to practice with.  Maybe you started in the hobby too late last season to really get fully familiar with your trainer and you could use some practice specifically with the plane you have.  Or, you may be wanting to take a step up in your flying experience.  If you are thinking of trying a model helicopter, check out one of the excellent simulators that are available.  Maybe you want start flying 3D aerobatics or maybe a scale model war bird.  They are all available in the R/C model aircraft flight simulators.

Many communities have a variety of indoor radio controlled modeling clubs that have access to a large warehouse or gymnasium where you can participate in racing R/C model cars and trucks or even flying model planes.  There are many electric model aircraft that are suitable for indoor flight.  Planes, helicopters, and even electric powered 3D aerobatic planes are well-suited to indoor flight.  A few days ago, I was watching a video of miniature electric helicopters that are small enough to fly in your home (better check with mom first).

If you are among the hardy, cold weather resistant population, maybe you can find an area where the snow is flat and level enough and get some buddies together and go flying.  Another idea is to fly on a frozen lake (be cautious of thin ice spots).  If taking off and landing from a snow covered field, you will probably need to buy or build some skis for your model.  I have done some winter flying and if the temperature is in the range of 25 to 30 degrees, it can be a lot of fun and it is a good way to break up a long monotonous winter.

You don’t have to put your hobby on hold just because of winter.  Something else to consider is to join one of the local clubs and participate in some of the winter and spring modeling shows or exhibits.  There are many things you can do with radio controlled hobbies to help pass the winter months and prepare to have a more enjoyable summer flying season next year.  You’ve got your hobby rolling now, keep it going and growing through the winter.  See you next time.