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Here we are, folks, a brand new blog site specializing in radio controlled hobbies.  I have been an avid R/C hobbyist for many years, mostly  into R/C model airplanes, but willing to discuss other branches of the sport.  I believe you will enjoy your visits here and I invite comments from all readers. 

    Whether you call it rc hobbies, rc modeling, or just modeling hobbies, it all means the same thing.  Radio-controlled airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, helicopters, tanks, or motorcycles all spell fun for the entire family.  If you are an experienced and accomplished flyer or racer,or if you’re a beginner in the hobby, one thing is for sure, the fun and excitement of being able to have complete control of your model remotely is really what makes this hobby/sport so appealing.

    This blog, for the most part, will be very general within the whole spectrum of rc hobbies, but will at times be specific in each area of interest.  The current post is just an introduction of what will be coming in the weeks and months to come.  You are invited to leave comments whenever you like and from time to time, individuals will be invited to post to this blog with their own ideas. 

    The goal is to encourage and assist new people to get into the hobby and start enjoying the fun and sense of accomplishment in remotely controlling the model type of their choice.  And, to help them get started and provide answers to their questions.  Please come back and join the fun and possibly sometimes controversial information that will be found in this blog.  Next time we will begin exploring the exciting world of radio controlled airplanes, building kits, purchasing radios and other equipment, and tips for beginners.

2 thoughts on “RC Hobbyist

  1. Hi Dwight,

    Great introductory post on rc hobbies!! We are so excited about your new blog and look forward to discovering lots of cool information about radio controlled airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, helicopters, tanks, and motorcycles.

    Lori & Jeff

  2. Looking good, keep more coming and I will continue to spread the word of the new blogs. I’ve been in the hobby for a while now and still interested in learning new things, and sharing what I’ve learned.

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