RTF RC model airplane trainers

If you’re looking for your first radio controlled model airplane and you want to get started flying very quickly, then maybe a ready-to-fly trainer is right for you.  I will briefly introduce two fine RTF trainers.  Please note: I am not endorsing either of these two planes, just presenting an overview of what is available.

The Megatech Nitro AirStrike is a ready-to-fly trainer that is designed with the first time flier in mind.  With a light wing loading of 18 ounces per square inch, it is an easy plane to fly.  It is powered by a Megatech .46 ball-bearing nitro engine already installed.  The Airtronics 4-channel radio equipment is also installed.  Built from high quality balsa and model aircraft plywood, this model can be ready to take to the air in less than a half hour.

Another RTF trainer manufactured by Hobbico is the NexStar .46.  It has all the usual features for the beginning pilot as well as the Futaba AFS Active Flight Stabilizer.  And it comes with its own flight simulator so you can practice flying it on your home computer.   The OS .46 as well as the 4-channel Futaba radio are already installed.  This is also a stable, low speed trainer with gentle handling.  It should take you only 30 minutes or less to get this bird assembled.

Again, as I haven’t flown either of these models, I am not making any personal recommendations here.  But, from reading the reviews and talking with others that have flown these excellent trainers, you would do well to consider one of them for your first trainer.   You can check them out at your local hobby store or online.  Look at the features of each and ask questions to help you make the best decision.

As I have stated several times before, find an AMA sanctioned club and a qualified trainer to help you get started in this exciting hobby.  You will be up and flying sooner and with much more success.  See you next time.