“New Plans For talking rc hobbies”

I know it has been too long since my last post, but I had surgery on my left eye this summer, and subsequently, I have lost the sight in that eye.  It has slowed me down a little, but I will continue to update this site as I can and will continue to pursue this most exciting hobby and share my years of experience with you.

I am currently working on creating a video presentation about building a radio controlled model airplane from a kit.   When completed, this video will show all details of building, covering, and installing the engine and radio.  And it will be followed later by a video of the model being put through its paces.  It will be packed with information and will be presented in a pleasing and educational manner.  It will take some time yet to finish it, but it will be worth the wait.

There will also be a video presentation of repairing my crashed Goldberg Anniversary Cub.  It has been around since the middle 1980’s and has crashed once before and was rebuilt.  A few years ago, because of a broken servo wire, it crashed and sustained some damage to the nose, cowl, windows, and wing.  Although, it is not seriously damaged, this will be an interesting video about crash repairs, because this model is equipped with a 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine and it will require some extensive work on fitting the new fiberglass cowl to the plane and a new radio installation.  Watch for it to  be coming out soon.

Additionally, I am working on a 7-day Ecourse on how to get started in radio controlled airplanes.  It will be sent out to anyone who signs up for it on the right side of this page near the top.  It costs nothing and it will help newcomers to the RC hobby get started.  It will be sent out in seven consecutive daily emails and each one is filled with what you need to know such as locating an experienced trainer, RC flying club and field, and how to decide on which type of model to start with.  There will be discussions on electric powered as well as nitro powered engines, the size of your first airplane with some suggestions on different models, and much more on all aspects of obtaining and flying radio controlled model airplanes.  Be sure to sign up for it as soon as possible and it should begin in the first week of November.

I know I kinda got sidetracked with this post that really started out to be about doing the stall turn or “hammerhead” and the Immelman turn, but I wanted to let you know about some of the future plans for this blog.  This is information that is important to the continued success of this blog and I will get right back into some more aerobatics in the next post, and I will try to get back on a more consistent weekly schedule.

Thanks for bearing with me.  This is the OldManFlier and I will see you next time.