About OldManFlier

      Here is an overview of my radio controlled model airplane history.  I actually started building and flying control line models in 1965 while stationed at a military base in South Carolina.  I still have the very first CL model plane that I ever built.  And if I could physically stand to do it, I would still be flying it.  See it in the photo below.  That is me (when I still had hair) with my first nitro powered control line model and my three children.  The kit was made by Top Flight but I don’t remember the model.

 first control line airplane0001.jpg


    I had heard about people that were beginning to fly  radio controlled model airplanes and I wanted to get into that area of modeling, but I didn’t know where to find any information on the hobby.

      Years later, I had moved to Brookings, South Dakota and one day I happened to come up behind a car stopped for a traffic light that had a radio controlled airplane in the back.  When the light changed I followed that car until it turned into a vacant lot which I later learned was the local club’s flying field.  I inquired about the club and I was hooked for life.

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