SPAD radio controlled airplanes

In a recent post I mentioned having seen a remote controlled model airplane made from a cardboard box.  That was several years ago and more recently when I was at a local flying club’s “fun fly”, I saw some “SPAD” combat models made from plastic rain gutter down spout material and corregated plastic sign making material.   They were pretty cool and right away I started thinking of what type of model I would like to build using the SPAD technique.

SPAD is an acronym for Simple Plastic Airplane Design.  The SPAD models I looked at were designed for aerial combat.  There have been many styles of radio controlled model aircraft designed around and built with these materials.  These different models range all the way from trainers to pattern ships and even 3D aerobatic planes.  I haven’t yet tried building one of these models, but I am contemplating building a pattern flying aircraft similar to a SIG Cougar.  Maybe I can do that yet this winter and spotlight it on this site.

There is even a web site that specializes in SPAD radio controlled model airplanes.  I am not sure of the address, but I’m sure you can find it by searching for “SPAD rc airplanes”.

Models designed and built this way are usually less expensive and will challenge your creative abilities.  If you would like to see my rendition of a SPAD airplane other than a pattern flier, leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  Comments are always welcome and I encourage your feedback.  See you next time.