“Creating Interest In The Radio Controlled Hobbies”

How can we all spark the interest of radio controlled hobbies in young people’s minds?  This is an area that we as RC modelers should be working on any way we can.   Some suggestions would be to set up some informational seminars or sessions at the local schools.  Approaching the scout troops in your area is another possibility.  It may be a matter of just getting the word out to people that would like to be a part of the hobby but just don’t know how to get started.

If we can work together to create more activity on blogs, forums, and other means, it will help to explain the benefits and rewards of the hobby.  We need a way to get more of the young people participating in these blogs and forums.  Encourage them to ask questions and make comments as to what information they are looking for.

Not everyone is interested in all different types of RC hobbies.  Some will only be interested in one specific hobby such as RC model cars.  I don’t know of too many people that are knowledgeable in all areas of the hobby.  I for one am not an all around radio controlled hobbyist.  My main area of interest is in RC flight.  I am encouraging all experienced RC hobby enthusiasts from all areas of the hobby to submit items of their interest and I will get them posted in this blog.  I am sure that everyone reading this blog has something of interest to share with others.  So I invite you to submit your comments and suggestions as well as any questions that you may have.

Thanks in advance for your input.  See you next time.